Over the weekend I attended a mastermind group, led by one of the most influential business marketers of our time, Jay Abraham.

In the room were entrepreneurs and leaders in their respective industry from all over the world.

One gentleman I spoke with was the top leader in his field of Cybersecurity.

He was a former paid professional HACKER that was employed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for many years and since then, has created his own business.

He is a highly sought out keynote speaker and is hired by multi-billion dollar companies for hundreds of thousands of dollars to crack cases that no one else is able to solve.

Jay asked him an interesting question during the session, “What is it about you that is able to solve these high end problems and place you at the top of your industry?”

His answer was something like, “I solve their problems by taking a unique approach and working backwards to get to the original source of the problem. I never take a cookie-cutter approach with any of my clients.”

His answer really resonated with me in regards to a lot of aspects of life, not just health.

Taking a cookie-cutter, knee-jerk response to just about anything in life often leads to mediocrity.

Life is so much more than ‘just getting by’ and doing the required minimum to do the task at hand.

Doing things in a cookie-cutter manner never leads to extra-ordinary results.

So how can we counteract having a cookie cutter mindset?

The answer, I believe, is always looking at how you can improve and do things better.

This typically takes more effort, hard work, discipline and sacrifice, but taking this approach often leads to extraordinary results that far surpass being ordinary.

Ask yourself, “Am I living any area of my life with a cookie cutter mentality? Is there any area of my health that I am doing in a cookie cutter manner?”

You can easily break away from this mentality by taking a little extra time to figure out how you can do things a little more efficiently and effectively so you can experience a better outcome in what you are trying to achieve.

Have a GREAT Tuesday!

Dr. Derek ‘you shouldn’t be eating cookies anyway’ Taylor



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