Today is my 52nd birthday.

Normally, I like to fly real low under the radar when it is my birthday, but I guess after you turn 50 you get more bold.

At least this has been my personal experience.

This morning I got up real early, spent a little time with my wife and 11 month old (she likes to get up at 4:00am nowadays) and went to South End where I had a quiet time of reading, meditation and prayer in the sauna, followed by a work out then the steam room.

I’m convinced that my best days are always when I carve out time for the morning routine to get my heart and mind in the right place before the day starts.

When I got home, I spent a few hours cutting back some overgrown rose bushes and cleaning out the rain gutters.

As I climbed up the roof without the use of a ladder but our fence instead, I thought to myself, “This is how older people kill themselves. They’re still thinking with their 19 year old mind, but they forget they are in their 50, 60, 70 year old body.”

Fortunately I managed to get off the roof unscathed, but it got me thinking about the importance of having your mind, body, heart and soul running parallel together in strength and function.

If you have a healthy mind, heart and soul, but your body is falling apart, you can’t do the things you want to do and your limitations will take away the enjoyment of life for yourself and others.

If you have a healthy body, but your mind is failing you, your usefulness to others will be greatly diminished and your contribution to others will be of no effect.

You need to take care of all the aspects of your health – mind, body, heart and soul.

Yesterday, I had a former Navy Seal in my office.

He was in so much neck and upper back pain, it was affecting his ability to write and think and thus the quality of his work was suffering.

Once the scar tissue had been taken care of, he experienced immediate relief and was able to function normally again.

I also saw a patient who suffered with fibromyalgia for many years. When she first came in the office, she always seemed down and out.

Normally she could predict the weather better than the Channel 4 News as she would ache all over 4 days before it rained, but yesterday she was beaming as she had relatively no pain.

Her smile demonstrated that when your body is working well, it can spill over into your mind and heart.

Earlier this week, I had a little 5 year old boy who was suffering with stomach pain for quite some time. He was not eating much due to the pain and as a result was losing weight. This not only affected him, but his entire family.

Immediately after the treatment, his mom was elated to see him gobble down the pumpkin seeds she packed for him.

Both mom and son arrived distraught, but they both left with a happy countenance.

I was concerned how he was doing the next day, so I sent a text to his mom asking how he was doing, she texted back, “Much, much better thanks. No more tummy pain and he’s in great spirits.(DT emphasis in red) Back to playing again!” She also sent a picture of him (see above).

I’ve said this many times before but I can’t say it enough.

“Your health affects everything you do and everyone you know!”

If you want to experience good health tomorrow, you must make some small investment today.

Remember health is not just physical, but also involves the mind, heart and soul.

What can you do today to enhance your own life and the lives of those around you?

I gotta run, my wife is taking me out this morning for breakfast to this Gluten-Free Cafe that she recently discovered. Everything in the cafe is dedicated GF & the egg sandwiches are supposedly off the charts.

I look forward to this investment in more ways than one.

Have a GREAT day!

Dr. Derek ‘birthday boy’ Taylor


PS- Yesterday, a patient came in who was suffering with sciatica as a result of grieving the loss of her dad who passed from Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD). Everyone knows someone who has died from SCD. 95% of these victims die before reaching the hospital.

I have created a brand new workshop,

“How to Prevent Heart Disease so you can Enjoy Life Longer with Loved Ones!”

When: Tuesday February 12th (date has been changed from the 5th) at 6:30pm at the Where: South End Tennis Club.

Cost: FREE!

This can be a life changing presentation for you or your loved one.

Seating is limited so call the office today at 310-891-0102 to reserve your spot!