Last night, I took my kids out fishing. The sun was about to set, no wind, water was like glass, and the fish were biting.

It was the perfect time to cast a line out in the water.

As soon as the hooks hit the water, the rods started to bend.

This is what every angler dreams about when they try their luck…a bite with every cast.

It was more like ‘catching’ rather than ‘fishing’.

It reminded me of fishing with the kids a few weeks ago while on vacation.

Similar time of day, similar conditions and once again, the fish were practically throwing themselves on the hook.

On both fishing trips, out of all my kids, my youngest son, Jordan, caught the biggest fish

No one knows why he caught the biggest fish.

He was using the same bait as everyone.

He was using the same rig as everyone.

He was fishing in the same place as everyone.

For some reason or another, he happened to catch the biggest fish.

Just like I can’t explain why Jordan caught the biggest fish, sometimes, with your health, I can’t always explain why things turn out the way they do.

There are some people you know who eat all the wrong foods, never exercise and pay no attention to their health and yet seem to have no health problems at all.

Yet, on the other hand, there are some people who eat very clean, exercise all the time, and try their best to care of their health and yet seem to have major health problems.

Sometimes life (and health) can be a mystery.

Does that mean you throw your hands up in the air and say, “Oh well, why bother eating right, exercising and taking care of my health since we’re all going to die someday anyway.”

The answer is a resounding, ‘NO!’

You may have no control of what kind of genetic predisposition you have been given, but you can control what you eat, how you exercise and what you do to provide an internal environment in your body that would give you the best possible outcome for experiencing optimal health.

Don’t rely on luck, chance or fate with your health, but ‘exercise’ wisdom and sound practices to give your body the best possible chance to ‘catch’ the big one when it comes to your health!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Dr. Derek ‘Keepin’ it Reel’ Taylor

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