My wife just flew in last night from Texas after being gone for the past 5 days for her birthday getaway.

I sure missed her. It was fun catching up last night and hearing about her trip.

The friends she met with all commented on the transformation of her health. They were asking her a lot of questions on what she did to look and feel so different.

One of her friends told her she had diverticulitis (a painful condition of the intestines) and her doctor wanted to do a colon re-section.

When Ali heard about this she immediately started educating her on the importance of eating the right foods and decreasing the three types of stress in your life.

Her friend was very receptive and was all ears when Ali was talking to her.

When Ali mentioned how her diet may be influencing her condition, her friend mentioned that when she brought that up to her doctor, he said, “That’s all a big hoax!”

Her friend went on to say that she always felt different when she ate certain foods, but just never put two and two together since she was always told the foods she ate didn’t make a difference in her condition.

It’s interesting to note that the majority of health professionals believe that diverticulitis is NOT a hereditary condition that can be passed on through the genes, but most agree that it is a lifestyle-acquired condition.

If this is the case, then poor lifestyle choices such as consuming a diet high in trans fats, not eating enough fiber, and exposing yourself habitually to inflammatory foods is a major contributing factor.

When you eat foods that your body was never meant to consume because it cannot break it down – processed foods out of a box, package or can, genetically modified foods (GMO), sugar, artificial sweeteners, food colors, trans fats, etc. it can lead to constipation which puts increased pressure on the walls of your intestine.

The increased pressure can then lead to the weakening of these walls and the formation of sac-like pouches called diverticula.

The diverticula are typically the size of marbles and bulge out like a weak spot in an inner tube from a tire.

The National Health Service estimates that 5% of the population have diverticula in their colon by the age of 40.

They also estimate that 50% of the population have diverticula by the age of 80.


That’s an amazing statistic.

What happens to people from ages 40-80 that would cause diverticula to increase from 5% to 50%????

Poor diet, lack of exercise, increased stress all combined with the aging process leads to the weakening of the colon, which leads to poor health.

These diverticula can become infected and cause major health problems.

Here’s the take-away on all this:

YOU have to work harder to maintain and improve your health as you age. You can’t eat like you did in your teens and 20’s when you are in your 40’s and 50’s.

YOU have to eat more greens, veggies, fermented foods and healthy oils to keep your colon happy and healthy.

YOU have to make time in your schedule to relieve stress – exercise, go to the beach, alone time, fun time, body work to combat the stresses you experience on a daily basis.

Your MD, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Etc. is not the one who is responsible for your good health….YOU are.

You have to make the choices that are going to take your health to the next level.

I’m sure you know people who are in their 6th, 7th, and 8th decade in life who are living examples of initiators who are making the changes in their health picture and they look, feel, and are able to function like they are 10 years younger than their biological age.

Why? They are usually doing something in their daily practice that replaces a bad health habit with a good one.

You need to do the same!

Your life has an impact on those around you, and you will be able to have a greater impact when you are experiencing greater health.

Make some positive changes today that will help you reach your health goals.

You and your loved ones will be glad that you did!

Have a GREAT week!

Dr. Derek

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