Last night, I went to pay a visit to a patient in the hospital.

She went on vacation with her husband south of the border and had a medical emergency that required her to take a private jet back home to the hospital back here in the states.

She got the bill for the flight shortly after her return and the charge was $28,000.00 for the ride home (That’s what I call a first class ticket to the nth degree)!

Fortunately, she purchased travel insurance for $99 right before her trip and it pretty much picked up the tab for the $28K flight home as well as other expenses.

Talk about a wise purchase!

The thing that really stood out to me, however, was her joyful spirit and positive demeanor in the midst of her circumstances.

Her vacation was drastically cut short, she had spent much time in the hospital, and she had been suffering incessantly with pain and discomfort, yet, in the midst of her affliction she focused on the bright side of things instead of the negative.

Sometimes, we experience set backs in our health, we struggle with unexpected difficulties and the rug can be pulled out of nowhere from underneath our feet.

Having a 30,000 foot perspective rather than a ground level perspective can lift you up out of the dregs of despair during those times and set your feet on solid ground, making life easier and healthier for you.

In fact, a recent study in the Journal of American Cardiology demonstrated that people that have a cheerful, relaxed, and energetically satisfied life reduce their risk of coronary artery disease (CAD) by 30-50%.

Imagine that, there’s a study that shows being more optimistic, cheerful and relaxed not only makes life for yourself and others more pleasant, but also reduces your risk for a future heart attack.

You may be asking, “How is being optimistic, cheerful and relaxed connected with reducing your risk for a heart attack?”

The answer is…

…you’re less stressed!

Magnifying your problems, complaining and focusing on the worst possible outcome is a losing battle.

All this does is…

….increase your heart rate,

…impact your blood pressure,

…altar your brain chemistry,

…raise your blood sugar levels,

…impairs your digestion,

…lowers your immune system

…and negatively changes the cells in your body.


Life’s too short to miss out on the benefits of…

…living without grudges,

…not making excuses,

…being in the present,

…overcoming your challenges,

…enjoying others around you,

so why not have the attitude of my patient who focused on the good things that she was experiencing in the midst of her trial and experience the difference it will make in your life?

Have a CHEERFUL Thursday!

Dr. Derek ‘this too shall pass’ Taylor


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