I took my daughter, Kayla Rose, on a walk this morning, and for the first time this season it finally felt like Fall.

There was a chill in the air, dew was on the ground everywhere, and leaves were starting to turn yellow and orange.

I love Fall.

There are many reasons I love Fall, but the one reason that really stands out is FOOTBALL SEASON!

When I mention the word FOOTBALL, some of you may be thinking College Football and others may be thinking Pro Football.

When I say I love Football Season, I’m actually thinking of 2nd & 3rd grade flag football for the city of Torrance!

I love coaching my son and his teammates for the 8-week season, but sometimes I wonder if God is just using this as an opportunity to teach me how to be more patient.

Last night in practice I found myself speaking (or should I use the word ‘yelling’) in decibel levels that went beyond using your ‘outside voice.’

I really struggle when I tell a kid over and over to do ‘this,’ but he keeps on doing ‘that.’

My brain is saying, “Houston, we have a problem,” and unfortunately, my default is to raise my voice until the problem is fixed.

I figure, ‘they must not have heard what I said, so let me talk louder so they’ll hear me better.’

Maybe I’m more intense this week because of what’s at stake this Saturday.

We are playing for the Division Championship against the mighty 7-0 undefeated Jets.

They are the New England Patriots of our division as they’ve been cruising to victory every game this season, including their previous game against us.

We are the lowly wildcard Rams and our record is 4-1-2.

Every game for us this season has been a nail biter.

Last week we were down 18-7 in the second half, and by divine intervention, came back from a two-touchdown deficit in the second half to eek us into second place, which has afforded us to play for the championship.

This Saturday is for all the marbles.

I told my kids if they don’t fix the problem in practice, they are going to have a much BIGGER problem in the game.

Our body does the same thing when there is a bone out of alignment; scar tissue is embedded in the muscles, an organ is malfunctioning, or there is some malfunction somewhere.

Your body says, “Houston, we have a problem,” by sending you back pain, headaches, foot pain, neck pain etc., and if you ignore the message, it starts to raise its voice by increasing the intensity of the pain until something is done about it.

If you fail to heed your body’s message (of trying to tell you there is a problem) by ignoring it or taking a pill to mask it, it only makes the problem worse and inevitably leads to an even bigger problem.

When your body signals pain to you, consider that it’s doing you a favor by wanting the problem corrected before a bigger issue arises.

At the end of practice last night I had the kids take a knee, and told them that I was yelling at them because I love them and want the best for them.

I’m not sure if they believed me or not. However, you better believe your body when it’s in pain that it’s lovingly sending you a message to fix the problem, or else come game time you’re going to run into a bigger problem.

Have a great Thursday!

Dr. Derek “Jack Swigert” Taylor

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