Last week I attended a continuing education seminar at LAX.

The presenter was one of the leading experts in foot problems, and he is revolutionizing the sports world with his approach to preventing & treating sports injuries.

I left the seminar inspired with a renewed passion for treating foot conditions, and I look forward to sharing some of those concepts at our next dinner workshop in 12 days.

However, this isn’t the reason why I’m writing you this morning.

The real reason you’re getting this e-mail is because I want to share the story about how this doctor inspired me.

His name is Dr. Tim Maggs, and he’s been in practice for over 41 years. He is an innovator who has a different and extremely effective approach to preventing sports injuries.

His work within many different schools and sports teams led to much frustration for him personally, however, because they did not follow his program methods with 100% commitment.

So, what did he do about it?

He bought a professional basketball team in New York and is now the new owner of the Albany Patroons, the team that Coach Phil Jackson won his first championship back in 1984.

They are now the first pro team that is 100% under his program guidelines.

He invested his life savings in this team so that the world will see the difference that his program can make using his approach.

What do you believe in so strongly that you are willing to make that kind of commitment?

Every day in my office I come across three types of patients.

1) Committed to achieving their health goal.

2) Not committed to achieving their health goal.

3) Half-way committed to achieving their health goal.

Guess which patient gets the best results?

Of course, the one who is committed to achieving their health goal.

The same principle applies to every aspect in life.

The moment you fully commit to reaching your goal is the moment you start to see progress in reaching your goal.

You will come across difficulties, obstacles, and uphill battles, but if you stay committed and keep at it with perseverance, you will see progress and eventually the fruit of your labor will pay off.

What do you need to commit to in order to reach that health goal you’ve been wanting to achieve?

Some people succeed because they are destined, but most people succeed because they are determined.

Have a Great Thursday!

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