The other night, my wife and kids wanted to have a family movie night and watch ‘Field of Dreams’.

I did not get much sleep the night before so I told her, “You guys go ahead and watch it, I’m tired & going to bed.”

My wife asked, “Can you just watch the first 15 minutes with us?” to which I agreed.

I lasted as far as Kevin Costner being in the corn field and hearing, “If you build it, he will come.”

The next thing I remember seeing were the credits at the end of the movie and everyone getting off the couch to go to bed.

That famous line got me thinking about two things.

#1 Good health is conditional. Just like if Kevin Costner did not build the baseball field, his dad would not have come. If we don’t put in the effort and build the right disciplines and habits into our lives, how do we expect optimal health to come?

#2 Your motivation to be healthy MUST be greater than the pain associated with being healthy. Think about the time, effort, money, opposition from others that Kevin Costner experienced while building a baseball field in the middle of nowhere. What kept him from quitting? He heard the voice and had but no choice to build that field. The same goes for you and I. If our motivation to be healthy is strong and unshakeable, we will not quit when the going gets tough.

You have to have a good reason to want to be the healthiest person you can be.

What is your main, driving, ‘voice from the sky’ reason to be healthy?

-Growing old and healthy together with your spouse?

-Being able to enjoy the activities and hobbies you do now in your nineties?

-Watching your grandchildren grow up?

-Experiencing optimal health everyday on planet earth?

Find out what your main reason is to be healthy, write it on a 3×5 index card and post it in a place that you can look at it often to keep you on the course to good health.

Have a GREAT day!

Dr. Derek “sweet dreams’ Taylor


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