On Tuesday, my wife was practicing her ‘high school wood shop’ skills in the backyard using a power sander and special steel brush to make a new piece of wood look old & distressed.

During the process, she got distracted for just a moment and ended up doing a number on one of her fingers with the power tool.

She quickly came in the house and we washed, cleaned and bandaged the wound.

She felt shaky and a little light-headed after the whole process from the adrenaline rush, shock and loss of blood from the injury.

It didn’t look like it was deep enough for stitches and the bleeding stopped after a few minutes of pressure and bandaging.

I immediately gave her about a dozen different supplements and essential oils to boost her system, start the healing process and stabilize how she was feeling.

My son, Caden, was also there and immediately made her a plate full of leafy greens and vegetables to help aid the body in blood clotting.

Shortly after ingesting all these, she was not shaking and light-headed, but calm, focused and more relaxed.

Later that night we removed the bandages and did a 40 min laser treatment and the pain was practically gone and her finger looked a lot better as well.

Your body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism that has an amazing ability to repair itself.

During times of stress, either in the form of a physical stress (i.e.- a cut or bruise, or bodily injury) or emotional stress (i.e.-the shock associated with trauma or loss) or chemical stress (i.e.- loss of blood, exposure to toxins or pathogens), your body needs more support to meet the demands placed on it by the stress received.

The supplements, herbs and essential oils you have in your vitamin cabinet can come in real handy for you during times of acute distress as well as eating more live, rich nutrient dense foods such as organic greens and vegetables.

Have a GREAT day!

Dr. Derek Taylor



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