The other day, a patient came in the office upset when she found out that Dr. T Oren was in town and she missed him.

I told her, “I’ve been sending you e-mails now for the past two months telling you about his lecture and clinic that was at the office last week.”

She replied, “I don’t ever recall any e-mails announcing his arrival.”

I said, “They are at the bottom of each e-mail that I sent in the PS section.”

She responded, “I don’t read the PS section. You need to put the announcement at the top of your e-mail.”

I was bummed after she left the office because she would have really benefited from hearing Dr. T and attending his clinic.

It got me thinking about the upcoming Dr. Chi seminar/clinic at the office that is happening in less than two weeks.

I was on my morning walk at the beach today and realized two things:

1) Perhaps there are other patients who don’t read my e-mails all the way through and don’t know about the upcoming Chi seminar/clinc.

2) I have been so busy attending to the personal needs of my family that I have not done a good job of promoting the Dr. Chi event.

Last year, the clinic was sold out by this time.

Currently, we are less than 1/2 way full.

I spoke with Dr. Chi’s manager today and he wanted to cancel the clinic.

I thought for a minute, “No way, even if ONE patient is able to drastically reduce their risk of cancer, prevent a heart attack or avoid a stroke, it will all be worth it.”

So to express my apologies for doing a terrible job of promoting this event, here is what I am going to do:

#1) I am dropping the price to $49 to see Dr. Chi.

#2) Anyone who has already paid more than $49 will be refunded the difference on what they already paid (you can pick up your check at the office as Rachel will already have all the refund checks ready at 2:00pm today)

#3) As a bonus, I am including a gift certificate for a FREE Adjustment AND Hydrotherapy Water Massage for everyone who already paid and will register to see Dr. Chi for the event. This gift certificate is already double the value for what you will be investing in to see Dr. Chi and can be used for yourself or you can give it away to a loved one – your choice.

So there you go, thanks for letting me get all that off my chest.

I already feel better about my failures.

It was a little over a year ago that I first met Dr. Chi and my health has not been the same since I met him.

Here are the changes that have taken place since I started following Dr. Chi’s advice:

a) I have more energy

b) My stamina has improved,

c) I am out of estrogen dominance

d) Most importantly, I have greater peace of mind knowing that I am at a lower risk of developing colon cancer and prostate cancer which runs in my family.

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones was known for this famous saying…

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for two things: #1) the people you meet and #2) the books you read.”

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet Dr. Chi. Your health will thank you for it.

Have a Great day!

Dr. Derek


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