Dr Taylor, D.C. Torrance Chiropractor TMJAre you suffering with the pain of TMJ? Dr. Derek Taylor, D.C. here. I want all of my friends and neighbors in the Torrance area to be free from the pain and other symptoms of TMJ, a painful disorder that affects your jaw and can lead to headaches and other problems.

Did you know that TMJ can affect your sleep each night or can affect the way that you eat? Not only that, it also can lead to serious headaches as well.

It’s time to stop suffering with TMJ and cease trying to use traditional treatments that may not work at all. Some doctors may spend many months trying to find the cause of your problem and will still be unable to help you.

It is important to keep a few things in mind when dealing with TMJ and chiropractic care. First, I like to explain to my patients that this is an ongoing process. Second, you will have your own special exercises to do as homework, making you an integral part of your own care.

While some may not consider chiropractic care for treatment of TMJ, I would highly recommend this effective alternative over traditional medicine. See me, Dr. Derek Taylor, D.C., at my office conveniently located at 2800 Skypark Dr. in Torrance, and let’s get your life back.

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