Dr.  Taylor, D.C. Torrance ChiropractorAre you suffering from stiffness or soreness in your muscles? Have conventional drugs and other treatments not helped to relieve your pain? If you are tired of dealing with constant stiffness and soreness, it’s time that you come to see me. Hi. I’m Dr. Derek Taylor, D.C., and I lead a chiropractic practice here in Torrance.

There are many causes for sore, achy muscles. Often, patients see me because they find that they are sore following an injury. Others are in pain just because they happened to move the wrong way.

Do You Really Want to Rely on Medication?

Often, when people experience muscle pain and stiffness, they tend to rely on over-the-counter and prescription medications, such as painkillers and muscle relaxants. Unfortunately, these can not only become addictive, but the more they are used, the less effective they become.

Instead of relying on medications to deal with pain for the rest of your life, why not make an appointment at my office? I have the experience and training to help you manage your pain and deal with its root cause—with the goal of eliminating it altogether.

Stiffness and soreness is something that millions deal with unnecessarily each and every day. If you are living in the Torrance area and are dealing with pain and stiffness in your muscles, see me, Dr. Derek Taylor, D.C., for a consultation. My office is conveniently located at 2800 Skypark Dr. in Torrance.

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