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Neck Pain Success

Laser treatments straighten a wandering eye.


My daughter Danielle is 6 years old. About 1 year ago I noticed one of her eyes was moving inward so I took her to a Pediatric Ophthalmologist and she was diagnosed with a wondering eye. Though her eye sight was perfect she was prescribed glasses. After wearing the glasses for 10 months Danielle’s wandering eye was not getting worse but not getting better either.

I had been visiting Dr. Taylor regularly for monthly wellness visits after he relieved the pain of a herniated disc in my neck. I told him one day that my own eyes were very strained and I was getting headaches and that I would be visiting an eye doctor….I assumed it was because I was in my 40’s and my siblings all had to get glasses at this age. He examined me and told me that he might be able to help my eyes. So instead of going to the eye doctor I went to see Dr. Taylor and after one visit my eyes we no longer strained and they were completely back to normal.

Had I instead gone to the eye doctor I more than likely would have been prescribed glasses. Of course I then told him about my daughters wandering eye and he said he might be able to help her as well. After examining Danielle he put her on a plan and after 8 or 9 visits her eyes were back to normal with no signs of the wondering eye.

He found that Danielle’s eye problem was due to a past trauma to her head when she was two where she received stitches as well as stress to her liver and adrenal glands. She was given laser treatments, adjustments and he worked on adhesions on the back of her skull. He said that the glasses were weakening Danielle’s eye. I truly believe that if she continued wearing the glasses and continued visits with the Ophthalmologist she would likely need stronger and stronger prescriptions over the years (possibly surgery) and would need to wear glasses for the rest of her life.

I will have Dr. Taylor continue to monitor her eyes periodically. I can’t thank Dr. Taylor enough that due to his efforts my little girl no longer needs to wear glasses!!

Kathy M.

Pain from Herniated Disc 100% better after treatments!


I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck from a car accident last fall where I was hit from behind. I woke up one night a few weeks after the accident in severe pain. I could barely move and a sharp pain was radiating down my left arm.

Before the accident I was very active and ran 25 miles a week. A good friend of mine referred me to Dr. Taylor but I decided to take my medical doctors referral and went to another Chiropractic and Pain Management office. This was a mistake I greatly regret and it caused me 4 additional months of pain, disappointment, and continuous sleepless nights.

This other office put me on a decompression machine; electro-stimulation and I was given 3 epidural shots which wore off after 1 month (talk about a disappointment). I had a bad reaction to the steroids and my face and body bloated and hair grew in places I never had hair before. After 4 months my pain had increased instead of decreased and my quality of life had drastically changed. I was not running or working out at all and it was difficult getting through the work day and playing with my kids with little sleep night after night and continuous pain to my neck, back and arm.

My friend kept telling me to go see Dr. Taylor so, after leaving my current chiropractic office literally in tears one day, I went to meet with Dr. Taylor and was put on a plan. His treatment was like nothing I had ever experience. After only two visits I felt real improvement. He and his staff gave me so much personal attention throughout my treatments. Each visit Dr. Taylor would not let me leave his office unless I felt better than when I came in. He found that the problem in my back was due to adhesions in the base of my skull and the cause of my pain in my arm and shoulder was due to tension in my heart area. On top of chiropractic, massage and laser therapy, he worked on emotional issues with me that he determined were underlying causes of some of my lingering pain. I was fitted for Orthotic inserts and started a vitamin program.

The results from his treatment were dramatic. After less than 3 months I am back to 100% and my health overall has greatly improved since before the accident. I am back to running and I have even increased my work out routine. I sleep soundly at night and am back to being an active Mom with my kids. I am looking forward to starting a wellness program with Dr. Taylor with visits once a month. I really feel fortunate to have gone to Dr. Taylor, not only because he relieved my pain but because I have gained an overall health program for my future.

Kathy M.

A rotator cuff and chronic stiff neck issue.


My health condition started with a chronic stiff neck, headaches, and a severe rotator cuff problem in my left shoulder. I went through a whole year of massage therapy and chiropractic care with a different chiropractor. The treatments provided some relief, but the problem would be recurring.

After my last recurrence of muscle tightness and a stiff neck, I decided to try another chiropractor in the area. After two to three treatments with this new chiropractor, I didn’t feel significantly better.

A friend referred me to see Dr. Taylor. I’m glad I did because I no longer have a problem in my neck and shoulders. Period. I also don’t have anymore headaches.

Jane D.

I could not sleep because of my neck pain.


I came in for treatment because of the pain I was experiencing in my neck. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t sleep at all. Derek tested me and found a problem in my shoulder and arm that was affecting my neck. After 2 treatments, I was able to sleep comfortably.

Diana B.

Back Pain Success

A pain-free 5000 mile Road Trip!


I am pleased to share how much improvement I’ve experienced as a result of Dr. Taylor’s fine care. For some time I had been having lower back pain that would travel down my leg, especially when driving any distance. So as the date of my cross-country trip approached, I was motivated to seek treatment.

I came to Taylor Chiropractic for diagnosis and treatment, and after just a few visits was pleased in the reduction of pain and increase in mobility that resulted. Prior to my treatments, I could not drive more than 1 hour without having to get out of the car because of the pain. I was amazed that I traveled for 16 days in the car, covering 5000 miles, with absolutely no pain or discomfort.

I enthusiastically recommend Taylor Chiropractic & Laser Center. Dr. Taylor is uniquely gifted, extremely knowledgeable, and committed to excellence in patient care. I will continue on a maintenance program to achieve long-term wellness and look forward to an active lifestyle of tennis, walking, and playing with my grandkids!

Dona M.

Excruciating back pain gone after treatment with Dr. Taylor.

I had excruciating pain. The pain was in the lower left side of my back and it wasn’t going away. I felt desperate and decided to see a chiropractor. I belong to the South End Tennis Club and the people at the club who had seen Dr. Taylor recommended him so I decided to come in to see if I can get some improvement with the pain.

Initially, he had me come in twice a week and after about two weeks, I saw signs of improvement. It seemed like when I was surfing and running, however, the problem would come back a bit so Dr. Taylor recommended that I be fitted for orthotics. I decided to get the orthotics through him. Since I got the orthotics, my running has improved, I feel better, and I don’t have any after affects with running.

After about a month and a half, my back was much improved. I felt almost my normal self. Dr. Taylor used the laser along with his regular treatment. I don’t know a lot about the laser but it seemed to alleviate pain in my groin area and just gave me an overall better feeling. I felt better ever since I’ve been using it and it seems to be working so I just want to keep doing it.

Dr. Taylor recommended that I come in once a month for maintenance. It’s been over a year since I started treatment. I just came back from a surf trip in San Diego and had no trouble with my back. In fact, this summer I’ve surfed practically everyday when the surfs good with no back problems. So just before I go to bed every night, I thank Dr. Taylor. (Ha,Ha.)

John G.

Relief from my intense neck and back pain!


I had neck and upper back pain that was debilitating and basically it decreased the amount of activities that I could do. For example, I really enjoyed reading at night and I just had to cut that out entirely. I had to go to bed early. I woke up every morning in pain.

For three years I saw different health professionals, from chiropractors and acupuncturists to doctors and physical therapist with no relief. Derek Taylor, by far, has been the most effective.

He is the most responsive to my needs and he’s the only back specialist where I’ve been able to see real progress. That makes me excited! Besides that, he is concerned about the entire person, so it’s unparalleled service from a back specialist.

I don’t wake up in pain anymore and I can now read at night. The pain management and quality of life have both increased dramatically as a result of Dr. Taylor’s professional care. I give him my highest endorsement and recommendation. 5 stars!

David C.

Dr. Taylor’s house visit helped me tremendously.


On New Years Day, I injured my lower back after playing basketball like I was 18 years old. My back continued to ache for some time and the climax of the pain occurred when I was in the shower trying to stretch it out one morning. It completely went. At that time, I didn’t know what hit me. I could not move.

Stacey had to drag me wet and naked from the shower and throw me on the bed. Even when I got on the bed I couldn’t roll over and every time I tried to move it would go in spasm. I remember Stacy on the phone, “Dr. Taylor we need your help!” I couldn’t move so Dr.Taylor came over to the house, which was an amazing thing. How many doctors do you know will still come over to your house? I’m glad he did because he got me from where I couldn’t even roll over to standing up in a matter of minutes by using his technique. It was amazing! Seriously, I could not move and when I did, I went into spasm. Dr. Taylor stopped the spasm and got me moving.

Since my back pain was so severe, Dr. Taylor advised me to get some X-rays and consult with my medical doctor. My medical doctor thought I exacerbated the discs in my lower back and they might have bulged. He also advised me to get some bed rest and NOT to receive chiropractic care.

I thought that was crazy. I decided to take a more active approach and started to see Dr. Taylor regularly for a month and a half. Along with his treatments, he also got me on an exercise program to stretch and strengthen my core lower back and stomach muscles.

I remember coming in one day and Dr. Taylor said I didn’t have to come in for another couple weeks for a check up. I felt like at that point I just needed to strengthen my body. Since that day I haven’t had any lower back problems. I feel really good.

I just traveled to the other side of the world and back with no problems what so ever. Most people get off the plane and they’re hurting. I had no pain at all after sitting on the plane 12 ½ hours and I only got up once. I don’t remember that ever happening except in my early days when I was really strong.

Mike C.

Back and shoulder pain.


I would generally have chronic pain everyday in my back and shoulders. The pain got worse since I’ve had kids and was intensified with simple home activities such as washing the dishes and lifting my babies. I was told the pain was caused by scoliosis.

Since I’ve been coming to Dr.Taylor, I generally don’t have any pain. It’s been so much better. I used to have bad days 3 or 4 times a week, now those bad days are few and far between, maybe once or twice a month. The treatments have been incredibly helpful. It’s amazing!

Heidi M.

Happy my back pain is gone!


I had pain in the left side of my mid back area. The pain would intensify just standing at the kitchen doing dishes or getting tea. Because of the pain in my back, I would have to keep moving until it wasn’t annoying me as much. I tried a lot of self-massage and did a lot of stretching but it just wasn’t going away. I was starting to get worried. I realized that I had to do something about it, I couldn’t just hope it would go away. It was around this time when I first met Dr. Taylor. He was giving a health talk at the PV Hills School. Right away I knew if anyone was going to help me, it would be him. I had the pain for about 9 weeks before coming to see him. Immediately after treatment I felt better but eventually it would come back. There would be times when it would become less annoying and I’d think it would be starting to get better and for unknown reasons, I’d have it again. I continued to see Dr. Taylor and eventually it wasn’t such an annoyance. But now for the past 5 or 6 weeks I haven’t had any pain, I haven’t even thought about it. I’m happy it’s gone!

Stephen R.

Headache Success

I felt much better after my first visit.


I came in to see Dr. Taylor because I had severe pain in both of my lower legs, numbness in both hands, and constant headaches. The pain was so bad I had trouble walking and I could not bear to wear anything on my feet. I went to a lot of different doctors over the past three years to get rid of my pain but they didn’t do much to help. After my very first visit I felt much better. I had less pain in the feet, I could walk better & I was able to wear sandals. The headaches also were no longer there everyday. I am very thankful for Dr. Taylor.

Eva S.

Headaches gone and sleeping better!


I had a girlfriend that recommended Dr. Taylor because he would be someone who would really help me. I came in because I was having severe headaches. At that time I had been in pain for two weeks. After one treatment, my headaches were much better and I haven’t had one in weeks. After beginning treatments a few other things have improved as well. A pain that I had on the left side of my ribcage has subsided. Also, I had been taking medication to help me sleep at night for six years, now I am sleeping without the medication and better than I have in years! My energy levels are much better and I’ve taken on more activities!

Nancy G.

I could never get rid of my headaches!


Initially, I was having severe headaches that were 7 days a week, 24 hrs. a day. This went on for close to six months. I had gone through a lot of different medical treatments, including MRI’s to try to locate what the issue was. Many people referred me over to Dr. Taylor. He started treatment and gradually we found the location that was the source of my problems.

Once we started working on the problem area, I felt immediate relief. Gradually, the problem started to come back again and after the next treatment he worked on it again and it was gone. Bingo it was done. It was taken care of and I haven’t had an issue with it since.That was in June 2002 and now we’re in March 2003.

I’ve also come in for discomfort in my back, neck and when I sleep. Dr. Taylor has eliminated those issues by working in the problem areas and getting me a new pillow. Once we fixed the source of the problem, bingo, it was gone.

I’m really excited about this. Dr. Taylor is my hero and my knee doesn’t hurt anymore.

Stephanie K.

Personal Injury Success

Wrist Pain 90-100% better!


I came to see Dr. Taylor because I had torn a ligament from an injury to my wrist. The pain came with any kind of movement and I suffered with it for six months.

My sister told me that I needed to see Dr. Taylor. She said she had a tennis elbow that lasted for six months and after treatment with Dr. Taylor, all of her pain was gone.

I felt great after the treatment! My wrist was about 90 to 100% better, in fact, it seemed like when I left here all the pain was gone in my wrist. The treatment lasted all the way through summer. I still had to be careful with the way I used my wrist because I didn’t want to get that pain back but I didn’t have any pain to speak of until just recently when I started doing a lot more with my wrist because of circumstances.

I’m just really thankful I found Dr. Taylor. I’ve searched around and I really couldn’t find anybody else that does what he does.

Darlene C.

Shoulder Pain Resolved.


I am 49 years old and have been involved in sports all my life. After college I became involved in power lifting and competed for almost two decades. I have won numerous local, state and national titles while competing in three different weight classes. Around age 35 the wheels started to come off the wagon. Over the next decade I had nine surgeries to keep my body in one piece. I had been to the deep tissue masseuses, physical therapists as well as other chiropractors. When I came to Derek two years ago I had three complaints: chronic shoulder pain, chronic lower back pain and headaches that would last for weeks. Within the first few visits Derek resolved the bulk of my lower back issues by determining I had a fallen arch in one foot which caused a tilt in my lower back. Now it’s not like I am suddenly 19 again, but my back rarely gives me any problems. Within a short time after that, Derek resolved my shoulder problem. He found the problem was due to adhesions on my upper back around the shoulder blades and ribs. I am not setting new bench press records but I have been able to continue working out and the chronic pain is gone. Due to scar tissue in my neck from a neck surgery, I was having headaches and a stiff neck that seems to last for weeks at a time. I still get a headache and stiff neck once in awhile, but the severity and duration of discomfort is remarkably shorter. Once Derek got those issued out of the way, I still take advantage of Derek’s skills, abilities and knowledge by visiting him every other week more as a maintenance as opposed to an specific injury or pain. It has been my good fortune to have met Derek and his staff. My only regret is that I did not meet him sooner. I am confident that I am not a fluke. If you’re not in the grave already I am sure he can help you too!

Dave M.

My knee pain is better.


I went to see Dr. Taylor with a patella tendon pain. After checking me out, he told me that the cause of my pain was in my large intestine. I laughed and was ready to walk out of his office. Then he say that if I stopped cycling for 3-4 weeks, the pain will go away but if I treat the cause of the problem, I could continue riding my bike and the pain will go away. I was intrigued. He gave me one session with the laser on my large intestine and turned on a bunch of nerves on my right leg that were not working because of the upset intestine. After the session, he told me to test the knee. When I stood up and flexed my knee I could not believe how much better I felt. I would guess about 60-70% of the pain had gone away. Still suspicious about his treatment methods, I could not refute the results. I kept riding my bike all along and in 3 weeks the pain was all but gone. As part of the treatment, he identified some foods that were upsetting my large intestine. After 3 months, not only is the pain gone but my legs are much stronger. By eating the right stuff, I lost 8-10 pounds and feel better than ever. I am still seeing Dr. Taylor on a regular basis for regular maintenance. I am still puzzled by his approach to healing, but I cannot denied what he has done to my health. See it to believe it.

Ernesto U.

Ankle pain finally gone from accident!


I was broadsided by an SUV and a pick-up truck on May 22, 2006. The car was totaled. We ended up going to the hospital and they took some x-rays. I started going to physical therapy for about three months but the pain persisted. When I saw no improvement, I went to a doctor in Long Beach a couple of times but there was still no improvement.

I decided to see Dr. Taylor where he started this laser treatment and in about 28 sessions he finally cured my ankle. The thing that really amazed me was that he worked a lot on my large intestine. I didn’t see the connection but evidently, that was it because my pain is completely gone in my ankle!

I’m able to play golf and do gardening again without pain. I also had a persistent pain in my right thigh recently that he started working on with the laser and now that seems to be going away.

All in all, I’m real happy with Dr. Taylor’s treatment.

Ed M.

Bad ankle sprain and wrist fracture amazing recovery.


On January 25, 2007, I fell down some steps and badly sprained my ankle and fractured my right wrist. It was very painful. I went to the emergency room that night where they taped my ankle and put a removable cast on my wrist. I woke up the next morning and felt the effect of the fall. I could hardly walk. It was also extremely difficult to brush my hair and my teeth. Luckily I had a 9:00 A.M. appointment with Dr. Taylor that morning. I came in and was hardly able to walk in the office. He immediately treated me with the laser. When I left, I walked out of the office with no pain and the wrist was feeling so much better. Within a day or two I could move my fingers. The accident happened Thursday night and by Wednesday of the following week I was out of the cast and the ankle was considerably less swollen. I was walking on it the day after the accident. The night after the accident, I walked at the airport onto a plane and no one even noticed there was anything wrong with the ankle. When I got back from vacation, I came to Dr. Taylor twice a week and within a month I was playing golf and back to my normal activities.

Helen T.

Dr. Taylor restored my shoulder after a tennis injury!


I came to Dr. Taylor right after a doubles match. I could feel my shoulder straining, and it felt like “hamburger” every time I hit a high forehand volley or serve. I saw that Dr. Taylor specialized in sports injuries so I decided to talk to him. As we talked, I also shared with Dr. Taylor my concern that a previous condition would reoccur: I had been sidelined from tennis back in college due to painful inflammation in my lower leg muscles. Although when I first went to see Dr. Taylor, I felt generally healthy, I feared that I was also somewhat “delicate,” and that I could easily suffer an injury playing tennis that would put me back on the sidelines…maybe indefinitely.

I was skeptical, but open to Dr. Taylor’s chiropractic and deep tissue techniques for my shoulder, and for my legs and feet. With every visit the pain was remarkably less. I was shocked at how quickly my shoulder healed. I also was skeptical at how much impact my eating had on my recovery. But I determined to follow Dr. Taylor’s regimen 100 percent. I quit coffee, quit diet soft drinks, increased my water intake and avoided foods like chocolate and sugar. Dr. Taylor has convinced me that my energy level, my level of pain, and my rate of recovery are all very much linked to the foods I put into my body.

In addition to the chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue work, and nutrition, I have also greatly benefited from using orthotic inserts in my shoes to stabilize my spine (no more lower back fatigue on the tennis court!) and doing daily exercises to strengthen my back.

Dr. Taylor developed an exercise program tailored just for me. Using more resistance training than weights, I have become much stronger. Also, we are working to prevent a reoccurrence of the painful condition in my legs and I have already seen significant improvement through the orthotics and the deep tissue work.

Although I came in because of a painful shoulder, Dr. Taylor has helped address problems in my feet, legs, lower back, and has addressed my diet. I am so much healthier than I was at the beginning of the summer! It was a very good investment in myself. I no longer feel “delicate” and know I will be playing tennis for years to come.

Susan J.

My softball-sized ankle.


I fell 12 feet from a balcony and severely sprained my ankle. The pain was excruciating and I could not walk on it. Three days after the fall, my ankle was even worse. It swelled to the size of a softball, was black and blue, and I could barely put any pressure on it. I missed two days of work. I couldn’t miss any more days. A family member advised me to see Dr. Taylor. I wasn’t sure if a chiropractor would be able to help but I was desperate so I thought I would give it a try.

The treatment was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Immediately after the treatment, I noticed that the swelling went down and I was able to walk on it almost normally. I couldn’t believe it! I returned to work the very next day without any problems and that weekend I went motorcycle riding. A week later, my ankle felt completely normal and I had no problems with it at all. This was great because the year before I had sprained my ankle snowboarding to a lesser degree and it took over a month to recover.

Mark S.

I feel better than I did before my car accident!


I was in a pretty bad car accident and as a result suffered with pain and stiffness in my neck, lower back and shoulder. At first, the pain wasn’t so bad, but it gradually got worse and worse, to the point where it was constant, bothering me all the time. On a pain scale of 1-10, the pain in my shoulder started out as a 5, but eventually got up to be a 10.

It was really scary. The pain was affecting everything. Anytime my arm was in a position for any length of time, like when I drove, my shoulder would start to throb. Every time I had to lift my arm up, I would get a spider web of shooting pain. I couldn’t sleep. It became hard for me to drive or even raise my arm up above my head. I had to take Advil in the morning because of the pain from the night before. My back always ached. I couldn’t sleep on my back and I had to keep my legs elevated to be comfortable. It hurt to sit straight and the pain was affecting pretty much anything I did. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I said to myself, “This is not good”.

I got to the point where I just wanted … some relief. I felt that Chiropractic care could probably offer some help for my lower back, but I didn’t think it would be able to help my shoulder or my arm. I tried to go to a few different Chiropractic offices; however, I did not like the facilities or their plan of treatment. But when I came to Dr. Taylor’s office, I noticed that it was very much different from the other places I had gone to. As soon as treatment began, I felt a difference. I could tell right away it was working. I wasn’t a 100% but I sensed I was going to be a 100% in no time. After the first two visits, my back was greatly improved and by the third visit, my lower back pain was actually gone. As I mentioned before, I didn’t have much hope for my shoulder problem, so I was very surprised when my shoulder got better. The constant stiffness, soreness, and even shooting pain I experienced were gone by the fourth visit. I no longer had to take any kind of pain medicine and was able to sleep soundly.

After six visits, my neck, back, and shoulder feels like it did before the accident. I’m back to normal. My circle of friends and family see that I’m much better and that I’m not complaining anymore. They can’t believe how well the treatment has worked for me. Everyone is very surprised.

Sara C.

Nutrition Success

I lost 52 pounds!


I am 35 years old and for the first time in my life I am paying attention to my body. In January of this year, I realized that I needed help in achieving a healthy lifestyle. After phoning a few nutritionists, I decided that the caring, genuine nature of Dr. Taylor was the environment I would be most comfortable with, in my quest for a new me.

I was very overweight; however, I did not want this to be my only focus. Through RNA, Dr. Taylor outlined the foods that I was sensitive to and he gave me an understanding of how they were impacting my overall health. He also educated me on why it is so important to get all of the necessary vitamins and minerals into my daily diet. I was guided with healthful recommendations, including diet, exercise and personal awareness. After just 7 months of manageable lifestyle changes, I find myself 52 pounds lighter and much more in touch with my personal wellness.

I am now also using the chiropractic services of Dr. Taylor to help with my quest for optimum health. I was happy to learn that chiropractic care is as much a preventative measure as it is a cure for aches and pains.

With every visit to Dr. Taylor, I come away with a better understanding of how my body works and a wonderful feeling of being in control of my health.

I love my new lifestyle and I’m not looking back.

Amanda M.

Stress Relief Success

Prayer and Laser treatment for PUPP (an incurable condition in pregnancy).


I would like to share with you my amazing story dealing with PUPP. I was 24 weeks pregnant and just beginning my third trimester when I developed a skin rash that itched 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It was the most intense itch I have ever experienced. For three weeks straight I was only able to get 1 ½ hours of sleep during the night because I was up itching the whole time I was in bed. The rash and itching first started in my buttocks area, that was bad enough, but to my horror, it started to spread down my legs, then up my belly then to my back, arms, neck and the next thing you know, it was over my entire body (except my face). I was miserable! To make matters worse, whenever I would go outside, the itching intensified. It got so bad that when I itched, the rash bumps would break and bleed, staining my clothes. The heat of Summer and even the wind would exacerbate my condition. I had to take several cold showers a day just to keep my sanity. The cold would help a little but the itch would never go away. I was desperate and willing to do anything to get rid of the rash. My OBGYN diagnosed me with PUPPP (Pruritic Urticated Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy), a non-contagious skin rash that occurs in 1% of pregnant women, which results in red, bumpy skin that constantly and intensely itches. My doctor told me there was no cure for this condition other than giving birth to my baby. I was so bad that I had entertained the thought of inducing just to get rid of the rash. My OB/GYN prescribed a topical steroid cream but I did not feel comfortable using it because I was not sure of the effect that it would have on the baby.

I went to see Dr. Taylor and he started giving me treatments of chiropractic, massage and laser therapy. I started getting immediate relief. I was so happy. The itching was less intense but the rash was still there. I decided to put a prayer request at my church for people to pray for me. As soon as I did this, the very next treatment I had with Dr. Taylor, he altered the treatments and started doing four times the amount of laser in different areas than he worked before. After that treatment I noticed a remarkable improvement with the rash. He then told me that the rash would be gone in 12 similar treatments. I saw him twice a day every day with 40 minute laser treatments and after 5 days, my rash was gone! Now I am rash and itch free and able to enjoy the last month of my pregnancy! I can now take warm showers again, enjoy the outdoor sun, eat normal foods again, and most of all I have the mental capacity to properly care for my family! My OBGYN was amazed when she saw the noticeable difference in my now smooth skin! I am so grateful I went to see Dr. Taylor and am still in disbelief that he successfully treated a condition that the medical industry has no cure for!

Alison T.

Bell’s Palsy.


On Monday, October 10, 2005, while on vacation, I woke up with the left side of my face paralyzed. We were not scheduled to return home until the following day so all during the day my left eye, which wouldn’t close voluntarily, kept burning and felt like I had sand in it. I found it difficult to open my mouth and chew on the left side and the left side of my face felt like I had several Novocain shots.

On Wednesday, October 12, I went to see my medical doctor. After my examination, my M.D. left the room for about 10 minutes and returned to tell me I have Bells Palsy. She then said there was absolutely nothing that could be done but to be patient and wait. She said that in 3 months to a year it should go away. (Research on the Internet confirmed what she said)

Well, that was unacceptable to me, so after I left her office, I went directly to Dr. Taylor’s office. As soon as I walked in, he said, “You have Bells Palsy.” He immediately worked on me clearing my emotional stresses, breaking up scar tissue, and making nutritional recommendations. One of his recommendations was for me to drink 2 Sunrider (herbal) shakes a day and to rub the left side of my face with Sunrider Sun Breeze five times a day. I felt a slight difference the following day (Thursday) and by Friday, I noticed some improvement. I received these treatments for the next 12 consecutive days.

On October 25, two weeks later, I made an appointment with the medical doctor and was told that I was 90% back to normal. Today, November 1, 2005, I feel as though I’m 98% back to normal. I thank Dr. Taylor, Sunrider, and Praise the Lord.

Winona L.

Dr. Taylor took care of my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.


When I was 12 or 13 years old, I fell off my bike and hurt my tailbone. I then injured it again when I was 35. I received several cortisone shots, dealt with the pain and was told many times that I would need an operation. I had gone to several traditional chiropractors in the past and had been getting treatment most of my adult life. I still found no relief. The pain was very draining because I was not able to be physically active. I lived with pain for a long time. I felt I lost of a lot of time, because I was not able to accomplish much. I became depressed. I also had bad allergies, in fact, I could hardly breathe. I was always stopped up and my sinuses and eyes hurt. I always had a headache.

I went to a seminar that Dr. Taylor presented. I was very impressed with his methods and decided to try it. Since I’ve been coming in, my back has improved 100%. I now do a lot of walking. In fact, I have taken up hiking…. things I could never do before because of pain. My allergies have improved 90-100%. Now, I just sneeze once occasionally in the morning and that’s it. I can’t even describe the difference. I’ve learned to take care of not only my physical but also my mental, emotional and spiritual…a total package. I have more energy. I have a better outlook on life. So, my whole life has changed.

I had never had this type of treatment, so I never had this kind of result.

I’m happy to finally be pain free.

Sally B.

No more heart palpitations!


I wanted to lose weight and I was enticed by feeling healthier and feeling better. Before coming into the office, I was tired, I wasn’t eliminating well and I was having some back pain and heart palpitations. Since treatment, I’ve had a lot more energy, I’ve lost some weight, and need to work more on that but I feel much better. Elimination has improved, I don’t have heart palpitations anymore and I do have more energy. I would get heart palpitations in the morning; I would wake up, and think about what I had to do that day. It would last for a minute and would happen pretty much everyday. Now, I haven’t had any palpitations since I started treatment and I’ve been real happy.

Sue L.

Sciatica Success

Leg pain and weakness is gone!


I came to see Dr. Taylor because I suffered a few months from a pinched nerve in my back which caused pain and weakness in my leg. My leg would hurt about five minutes after using the treadmill. It also bothered me when I walked a flight of stairs and got so bad that I would take one step at a time manually lifting my right foot each time. I went to see my M.D. who sent me to a specialist. The specialist took x-rays, ordered an MRI, and said that I had a pinched nerve.

The specialist told me he would suggest surgery but that I was too old so they referred me to another office. The specialist at this office wanted to fit me with a big, heavy boot that would strap on to my left leg up to the knee. I resisted that idea and just told him ‘No’. I would rather just live with the problem than have to wear that boot.

My son was a patient of Dr. Taylor’s and told me that I needed to see him. He told me Dr. Taylor has some rather unusual things that most doctors don’t have and that I should try it. I called him up and made an appointment.

I felt relief almost immediately after coming to the office. After the second visit I began to feel relief and after the third visit, I was getting no pain at all. Now I’m walking 20 minutes on the treadmill and that’s about a mile and a half! I have no more pain walking on the treadmill or walking upstairs either. I also have no more weakness. It’s a miracle! I’ve experienced a full recovery. It’s amazing to me what Dr. Taylor was able to do with that equipment. I’ve never experienced anything like this.

What’s interesting is on the way out of Dr. Taylor’s office three weeks ago, I twisted my ankle and it’s been very swollen and painful and I’m beginning to walk now, but with one treatment he was able to take a high percentage of the pain away and I can hardly feel it.

Donald W.

Severe foot pain gone with one laser treatment.


I had been experiencing back and foot pain for several years, and wasn’t sure what to do about it. My son Gary suggested that I go see Dr Taylor. My back has improved and now has less pain, and my foot which would collapse on me is better with only one laser treatment.

Jane W.

I am pain-free in my hip.


I’ve suffered with pinching and numbness in my left hip since 1994. I thought I would just have to live with it since the two different chiropractors and a physical therapist provided no relief. After receiving treatments with Dr. Taylor, my hip now feels great! The pinching and numbness are gone!

Cheri B.

Leg Pain now gone!


I had a pain in my right leg and I came into Derek’s office to see if I could take care of it. I had the pain for about 3 months prior. I saw my doctor who took an x-ray that showed I had a pinched nerve. The doctor said not much could be done about it. The pain was annoying, I couldn’t find a place to rest, I couldn’t relax. It took a little while but after getting treatment from Dr. Taylor, I haven’t had pain for 3 months. Now I’m coming in to get maintenance care.

Vera B.