Last night, my family and I went over to my mom’s house for dinner to watch the College Football Championship Game featuring Alabama vs. Georgia.

The first half of the game was dominated by Georgia.

They led at halftime 13-0.

My boys and I were stoked as we are NOT big fans of Alabama coach, Nick Sabin.

If you don’t know much about Sabin, I can tell you that he’s kind of a shifty guy, doesn’t smile much, a little on the arrogant side, and NEVER gives credit to the other team whenever he loses.

Other than that, everyone else is saying he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread (At least that’s what everyone from Alabama says).

Excuse me for digressing.

Anyway, Alabama came out a different team when they put in their 2nd string true freshman quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, to start the second half of the game.

Although Tagovailoa only had ‘mop-duty’ for 8 games this past season with Alabama, I was nervous when Sabin made this move because I’ve seen youtube footage on this kid before and always thought he was more dangerous than starting QB Jalen Hurts.

If you didn’t see the game, Tagovailoa is a gunslinging lefty who is dangerous to opposing offenses as he has the ability to both throw and run well.

On a side note, the kid is from the state I was born…Hawaii.

Not only is he from the tropical paradise Hawaii, but he’s actually from the little town of Ewa Beach where my Grandma and relatives live.

In fact, I was bantering back and forth with my two oldest brothers because they started pulling for Alabama when they found out that the ‘Throwin’ Samoan’ was from Ewa Beach.

When I asked them, “How can you pull for Alabama?”

They both said, “We’re pulling for the QB from Ewa Beach!”

(How’s that for being fair-weathered Georgia Bulldog fans?)

Sorry. I digress again.

Back to the main point.

It ended up being a very exciting 2nd half of football and Tua threw the winning touchdown in overtime to lead Alabama to a 26-23 victory.

What made the difference?

A different approach.

Sabin saw that Georgia had prepared all week to stop the run with QB Jalen Hurts leading the charge, so he put in QB Tua Tagovailoa who could hurt you with the pass.

Now, why am I sharing all this information with you and what does it have to do with my ‘health’ you ask?

It has everything to do with your health….well… sort of.

You see, I have patients come in the office all the time that have been struggling with a health problem for sometimes weeks, months, or even years.

They suffer in silence with their problem until it becomes really annoying.

Then, out of the blue clear sky, the light bulb goes on and they realize that what they have been doing so far has not been working.

It dawns on them that if they want to overcome their health challenge, that they’ve been struggling with for the longest time, they need to try…

…a different approach.

During the first half of the game, Nick Sabin was annoyed with the way his team was performing.

Then at some point, perhaps even in the locker room, he realized that if he continued to do the same thing he did in the first half, he was going to lose the game.

So he tried…

…a different approach.

So here’s the connection.

Whether you are dealing with a pain somewhere in your body that has not gone away for some time or an extra 30lbs that you have not been able to get rid of, perhaps you need a DIFFERENT APPROACH to solve the problem.

I recently saw a patient who had been struggling with pain in his legs for over two years and after research he finally decided to come to our office as we are one of three offices in California that has the specific technology to eliminate his problem.

What was the key for him to finally get rid of his leg pain?

The same key for Alabama last night… deciding to try a different approach.

I had another patient who has lost 20lbs in the past few weeks.

What was the key to her losing 20lbs over Christmas and New Years at a time when most people are gaining weight?

The same key for Alabama last night…deciding to try a different approach.

I may not like Nick Sabin, but I will give him credit for taking out his star QB with a 25-2 record over the past two seasons and put in the 2nd string passing QB to try a different approach.

Look, the bottom line you need to understand is this…

if what you are doing right now is not working in your life, no matter what the problem is, sometimes you need to pull the trigger and try a different approach.

Doing the same thing over and over again will typically yield the same results just about every time unless you decide to approach the problem differently.

Taking a risk of trying something new can be scary, uncomfortable, nerve-racking and even daunting at times, but the rewards can be epic and life-changing.

Nothing spectacular in life really occurs unless there is great risk, sacrifice, and innovation from above.

As much as I have a hard time mouthing these words, ‘If it worked for this years NCAA College Football Champions, Alabama, it can also work for you!’

Have a GREAT day!

To your health,

Dr. Derek ‘still not rolling with the Tide’ Taylor

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