Recently, I received a call from a patient that I used to treat when she was a little girl.

She is now a 30 year old mom who was calling about her one year old daughter.

Her daughter was struggling with a recent ear infection & a wet cough for over a month that did not resolve after two rounds of antibiotics, so the doctor wanted to do a third round.

Mom was not crazy about round three so she called our office in desperation asking what to do.

I told her to bring her in the office so we can find out what was causing the problem.

Mom brought baby in the office and she was not a happy camper.

I discovered she had a vertebrae out of place (subluxation) in her neck and upper back.

I told mom we needed to correct the subluxation, get her on two key essential oils as a natural immune builder and perform a laser treatment over the infected ear to which she agreed.

She pretty much screamed throughout her entire treatment and everyone thought I was the ‘big mean chiropractor.’

However, as soon as we made the correction, baby stopped crying and eventually gave us a smile before she left the office.

Mom says baby is doing much better now, sleeping better and the wet cough is drying up.

Your body has been given an amazing ability to heal itself.

Never underestimate the built in physician that resides within your own human frame.

Sometimes a minor ‘tune-up’ or ‘tweeking’ is all you need to get back on the road to good health.

Other times you need a major overhaul.

Here’s the take-away that benefits everyone…

…the more you invest in your health and take care of your body, the faster you respond to healing.

If this is the case, get at it today and make an investment by doing something positive to put in your health account like….

…going for a short walk

…drinking enough water

…getting alone time to rejuvenate

Remember, the more you invest in your health today, the better chance you have to experience rapid healing for tomorrow.

Have a GREAT Thursday!

Dr. Derek


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