Every night, when we sit around the dinner table, I like to ask every member of the family this question,

“What was the highlight of your day?”

No one is really able to say one highlight, but usually give about 3-4 moments that made their day.

One of my wife’s highlights was giving my 7 year old a new nickname, “Tenacious Titus”.

She went on to tell us all at the kids swimming lessons today, Miss Judy (best swim teacher in the South Bay), had the kids see how long they could tread water.

My 7 year old jumped in first to take a stab at it and lasted about 10 seconds before he had to swim to the side.

The second time around, Miss Judy had all three kids jump in at the same time to tread water.

This time was a different story.

Titus would not be outdone by his 10 year old sister, McKenna or 13 year old brother, Dallas.

So after a minute or so, my daughter had to swim to the side, followed by brother Dallas & then Titus. He lasted over a minute longer than his original tread.

My 7 year old demonstrated that you can accomplish more when you feel you have something to prove.

Why not prove to yourself, your loved ones, and those that matter to you that you can live a life of optimal health and vibrancy by being tenacious about making wise, daily choices that will help you look and feel your best.

Today is over, but tomorrow you have a brand new start to place a deposit in your health account…

… a 20 minute walk to start the day

…20 minutes of sunshine during your lunch hour

…a healthy green salad instead of a bag of potato chips

…anything that is going to relieve your stress levels and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

If you feel you didn’t get a chance today to invest in your health the way you wanted to, no problem, you have tomorrow to make up for it.

Hope you have a restful sleep tonight and tomorrow is a great day for you!

Dr. Derek ‘Wednesday motivation’ Taylor


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