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Repetitive Stress Injuries Should Not Disrupt Your Life

Dr. Derek Taylor here to talk to you today about repetitive stress injuries. What Causes Repetitive Stress Injuries? Repetitive stress injuries are just that: injuries that are caused by repetitive movements. Many who are in jobs that require a lot of typing, such as...

Chiropractors Can Help With Your Sleep Disorders

Are you getting sufficient sleep at night? Are you tossing and turning every night and then waking up feeling more tired than you did when you went to bed? I am Dr. Derek Taylor, a chiropractor in the Torrance area, and I want to help you overcome your sleep...

The Right Chiropractor Can Eliminate Your Neck Pain

Have you been dealing with neck pain, only to find that none of the treatments that you have tried in the past have actually worked? Are you looking for a way to manage and treat your neck pain without taking addictive prescription drugs or undergoing invasive...

My 7 Year Old Son’s Big Birthday Disappointment:(

Yesterday was my son Titus’ birthday. We celebrated it last Saturday with a grass fed burger and homemade fries dinner followed by a family movie. Since he was turning 7 years old, we had a “Magnificent 7″ Cowboy Birthday theme for him. So we watched one...

Upper Back Pain Treatment

Dr. Derek Taylor here to talk to you today about upper back pain. I have been successfully treating patients with upper back pain for many years, and have seen first-hand how chiropractic care can help all kinds of conditions with the joints such as the shoulders, the...

Can Antibiotics Cause Knee Pain?

Last week, I had a patient who scheduled a consultation with me because he was suffering with pain in both knees for the past three months. “I was on a prescription of antibiotics and developed pain in both of my knees.” he said. When I asked why he came to see me, he...

What Is the Root of Your Headaches?

Did you know that many headaches are the result of problems with the neck, shoulders and back? Did you also know that many of your headaches can be eliminated with care from a qualified chiropractor? Hello there. My name is Dr. Derek Taylor, and I am a chiropractor in...

Stop Suffering From Joint Pain

Dr. Derek Taylor here. Does it seem increasingly difficult to get out of bed each day because of chronic joint pain? Do you find it a treachery to perform many of your regular daily tasks, things you never even gave a second thought to before? If you answered these...

Plumbing Problem at the Taylor Home

Sometimes, the cause of the problem is different than what you thought. The other day, our toilet got backed up. I thought it was your typical reason for why the toilet gets clogged, so I got out the plunger and used it several times, but it didn’t work. I then tried...

Pinched Nerves Can Be Healed

Are you suffering from the pain caused by a pinched nerve? Do you find that traditional treatments just aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be? Maybe what you need is not traditional drugs or surgery, but the treatment that only an experienced, specially trained...

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