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What I Learned at Home Depot

Last week, my son and I decided to make a ‘quick stop’ at the Home Depot to get a few keys made. I get to my destination, but no one is near the key machine. I hunt down someone in an orange apron and ask, “Can you help me? I need a few keys made.” He said, “I don’t...

Work Injuries

Dr. Derek Taylor here. Whether you have a new or old work injury, I can help. Not only do work injuries affect your performance on the job, they can also affect your life outside of work as well. A work injury can have long-lasting ramifications, especially if it is...

We Can Help With Disc Problems

Dr. Derek Taylor here. If you live in or around  the Torrance area, I am available to help you address your disc problems and the pain they cause. What Causes Disc Problems? Disc problems are common conditions that can affect both men and women, and their causes vary....

A little secret to protect you from the FLU

Yesterday, before I left for work, it started pouring rain. I’m not talking just cats and dogs, but LARGE cats and dogs…coming down in sheets. It was so bad that the water was spilling over the rain gutters and it looked like Niagara Falls over our front porch....

What does the Alabama football team have to do with your health?

Last night, my family and I went over to my mom’s house for dinner to watch the College Football Championship Game featuring Alabama vs. Georgia. The first half of the game was dominated by Georgia. They led at halftime 13-0. My boys and I were stoked as we are...

Maintain Proper Posture to Alleviate Pain

Poor posture is one of the main culprits of back pain, which is suffered by millions of people worldwide. Did you know that a good chiropractor can help to correct your posture and possibly eliminate much of your body pain? If you are living in the Torrance area and...

Suffering from Hay Fever? Visit Our Office

Dr. Derek Taylor here. I would like to provide you, your friends and family with the best treatment plan for combating hay fever. Those who have suffered with this condition can attest to how miserable it can be: the itching, the sneezing, the reddened eyes…....

Chiropractors Treating Ear Infections?

If you are like most people, you probably think that chiropractors are only for sore backs or other muscle issues. Did you know that chiropractors can treat many types of ear infections as well? My name is Dr. Derek Taylor, and I specialize in treating muscle and soft...

Jaw Pain Caused by TMJ Can Be Treated by Your Chiropractor

Dr. Derek Taylor here to talk to you today about jaw pain. If you are suffering from jaw pain and live in the Torrance area, instead of dealing with the pain through traditional dentistry, drugs and other therapies, why not see me for an alternate route to healing?...

Repetitive Strain Injury

Dr. Derek Taylor here. If you’re suffering from any type of repetitive strain injury, whether it was caused by work, sport or entertainment, don’t put up with the pain any longer. See a chiropractor today. No matter how your repetitive strain injury...

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