Yesterday after work, I was shopping at Costco when I noticed a gentleman playing peek-a boo with his 3 month old baby.

I thought it was the coolest thing as you don’t come across too many men playing peek-a-boo with their baby’s in public.

I commented on the peek-a-boo game.

He looked at me and said, “You look really familiar. Where do I know you from?”

I said, “You look familiar too, what’s your name?”

He gave me his name and I immediately recognized that he was the husband of one of my former office managers.

I asked, “How’s Danielle?”

He said, “She’s doing great, in fact, she’s over there in the next aisle.”

He called his wife over and it was great to see her again (patients loved her and she was one of the best employees anyone could ever have)

After catching up and as we were parting ways, I asked, “Do you need an adjustment?”

She said, “Yes! Can you adjust me here in Costco?”

I said, “Of course!” and had her sit on a sack of something that made a perfect cervical adjusting chair.

Her neck released beautifully and it felt better, but I really needed to adjust her upper back.

There was one 50lb bag of Calrose rice left lying on the floor that looked like it would make a great make-shift adjusting table so I had her lie down on it in attempt to adjust her mid back.

At this point, a crowd is gathering on the other side of the aisle to see what in the world is this woman doing lying on a 50lb bag of rice while a guy in a pink tie is pushing on her upper back.

Nothing happened.

Maybe the rice didn’t have much room in the bag to ‘give way’ to the adjustment.

Maybe it was hard to relax with everyone staring and wondering why someone would be lying on a bag of rice.

Whatever the reason, the adjustment didn’t work.

Nothing released and the upper back was the same.

No problem.

All I had to do was change the game plan and take care of the upper back problem a different way and after the treatment she felt better.

Why am I telling you this story?

Because sometimes people have health problems that they are trying to get rid of, but the treatment they are using to solve the problem isn’t working.

Sometimes it needs more time as you may have neglected this area of your health for years and now it is taking weeks, months, years to undo the damage that has been done through neglect.

Your problem most likely did not get to be like that overnight and it is not going to be solved overnight.

It’s a process.

It takes time to undo years of damage and neglect.

Sometimes it is an issue of time and patience is the key to success.

Other times the issue may be that the focus of the treatment is in the wrong area.

So what do you do if this is the case?

You change the game plan.

You modify, tweek, change the protocol up and try something different that may effectively take care of the problem from a different angle.

This is where perseverance pays off.

If you don’t succeed at first, try try again.

This is why they call it a PRACTICE and not a PERFECT.

Someone very wise once said, “Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one-yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touchdown.”

So the next time you feel like giving up on trying to solve a problem, remember that you can be on the verge of a breakthrough with a little patience & perseverance!

Have a GREAT day!

To your health,

Dr. Derek

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Who is Dr. Chi?

Dr. Chi, NMD, PhD, had medical training in China; he earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Waksman Institute of Microbiology at Rutgers State University, New Jersey in 1978. Dr. Chi then became a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician. Since then, he has done infectious disease work at E.R. Squibb and sons, Inc. New Jersey, and cancer screening work at Warner-Lambert / Park-Davis Co. in Michigan. He was also the laboratory director at Omicron Incorporated in Redlands, California where he worked in the fields of cancer and atherosclerosis.

Dr. Chi had been closely associated with the late Virginia Livingston, M.D. and he developed a California stated licensed Neostop (trademark) Anti-Tumor Vaccine for poultry. Dr. Chi has also attained a patent for the detection of antibodies against a chorionic gonadotropin-like substance, and has been a consultant to many pharmaceutical companies and clinical offices in the United States, European countries, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Southern Asian Countries.

Dr. Chi’s father was a doctor for 45 years and Dr. Chi himself has had over 37 years of experience in the field. Together, he has been able to combine both eastern and western methodologies as he has observed the conditions of tens of thousands of cancer patients all over the world.