Neck Pain Success

Neck Pain Success

Laser treatments straighten a wandering eye.

My daughter Danielle is 6 years old. About 1 year ago I noticed one of her eyes was moving inward so I took her to a Pediatric Ophthalmologist and she was diagnosed with a wondering eye. Though her eye sight was perfect she was prescribed glasses. After wearing the glasses for 10 months Danielle’s wandering eye was not getting worse but not getting better either.

I had been visiting Dr. Taylor regularly for monthly wellness visits after he relieved the pain of a herniated disc in my neck. I told him one day that my own eyes were very strained and I was getting headaches and that I would be visiting an eye doctor….I assumed it was because I was in my 40’s and my siblings all had to get glasses at this age. He examined me and told me that he might be able to help my eyes. So instead of going to the eye doctor I went to see Dr. Taylor and after one visit my eyes we no longer strained and they were completely back to normal.

Had I instead gone to the eye doctor I more than likely would have been prescribed glasses. Of course I then told him about my daughters wandering eye and he said he might be able to help her as well. After examining Danielle he put her on a plan and after 8 or 9 visits her eyes were back to normal with no signs of the wondering eye.

He found that Danielle’s eye problem was due to a past trauma to her head when she was two where she received stitches as well as stress to her liver and adrenal glands. She was given laser treatments, adjustments and he worked on adhesions on the back of her skull. He said that the glasses were weakening Danielle’s eye. I truly believe that if she continued wearing the glasses and continued visits with the Ophthalmologist she would likely need stronger and stronger prescriptions over the years (possibly surgery) and would need to wear glasses for the rest of her life.

I will have Dr. Taylor continue to monitor her eyes periodically. I can’t thank Dr. Taylor enough that due to his efforts my little girl no longer needs to wear glasses!!

Kathy M.

Pain from Herniated Disc 100% better after treatments!

 I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck from a car accident last fall where I was hit from behind. I woke up one night a few weeks after the accident in severe pain. I could barely move and a sharp pain was radiating down my left arm.

Before the accident I was very active and ran 25 miles a week. A good friend of mine referred me to Dr. Taylor but I decided to take my medical doctors referral and went to another Chiropractic and Pain Management office. This was a mistake I greatly regret and it caused me 4 additional months of pain, disappointment, and continuous sleepless nights.

This other office put me on a decompression machine; electro-stimulation and I was given 3 epidural shots which wore off after 1 month (talk about a disappointment). I had a bad reaction to the steroids and my face and body bloated and hair grew in places I never had hair before. After 4 months my pain had increased instead of decreased and my quality of life had drastically changed. I was not running or working out at all and it was difficult getting through the work day and playing with my kids with little sleep night after night and continuous pain to my neck, back and arm.

My friend kept telling me to go see Dr. Taylor so, after leaving my current chiropractic office literally in tears one day, I went to meet with Dr. Taylor and was put on a plan. His treatment was like nothing I had ever experience. After only two visits I felt real improvement. He and his staff gave me so much personal attention throughout my treatments. Each visit Dr. Taylor would not let me leave his office unless I felt better than when I came in. He found that the problem in my back was due to adhesions in the base of my skull and the cause of my pain in my arm and shoulder was due to tension in my heart area. On top of chiropractic, massage and laser therapy, he worked on emotional issues with me that he determined were underlying causes of some of my lingering pain. I was fitted for Orthotic inserts and started a vitamin program.

The results from his treatment were dramatic. After less than 3 months I am back to 100% and my health overall has greatly improved since before the accident. I am back to running and I have even increased my work out routine. I sleep soundly at night and am back to being an active Mom with my kids. I am looking forward to starting a wellness program with Dr. Taylor with visits once a month. I really feel fortunate to have gone to Dr. Taylor, not only because he relieved my pain but because I have gained an overall health program for my future.

Kathy M.

A rotator cuff and chronic stiff neck issue.

My health condition started with a chronic stiff neck, headaches, and a severe rotator cuff problem in my left shoulder. I went through a whole year of massage therapy and chiropractic care with a different chiropractor. The treatments provided some relief, but the problem would be recurring.

After my last recurrence of muscle tightness and a stiff neck, I decided to try another chiropractor in the area. After two to three treatments with this new chiropractor, I didn’t feel significantly better.

A friend referred me to see Dr. Taylor. I’m glad I did because I no longer have a problem in my neck and shoulders. Period. I also don’t have anymore headaches.

Jane D.

I could not sleep because of my neck pain.

I came in for treatment because of the pain I was experiencing in my neck. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t sleep at all. Derek tested me and found a problem in my shoulder and arm that was affecting my neck. After 2 treatments, I was able to sleep comfortably.

Diana B.

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